Accuracy makes the difference

Truck-based solution for tracking land-based movement of high-value liquid hydrocarbons by truck.

Overview of Liquitrax solution

Solving the age-old problem of tracking every drop of oil

Solving the age-old problem of tracking every drop of oil

A proven, highly accurate mobile tracking solution for land-based movement of high value liquid hydrocarbons. By utilising the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we provide the solution to a problem that cost the oil industry millions of dollars.

Liquitrax is the answer to an industry-wide challenge in the oil industry where distribution and logistics utilise out-dated manual measurement methods, causing high costs, operational & financial control challenges.

Liquitrax is a turn-key solution, which addresses the fundamental issues of liquid hydrocarbon title transfer data accuracy and timeliness – all in line with industry standards using API approved technology. Utilising IIoT, GPS tracking and secure cloud technology, this automated smart metering solution provides real-time transmission of shipment data, generating value in terms of business intelligence and operational decision support.

Installed directly on the trucks, liquitrax gives measurements of volumes of crude loaded, and discharged, to a very high degree of accuracy. In addition to the accuracy, this solution also solves challenges around health & safety, fraud control, operating costs and time efficiency.

We provide the hardware, software and communications technology and also take care of the installation and deployment. Ongoing maintenance, operational support and software upgrades are all included as part of this mobile measurement as a service model.

Key Benefits


  • Eliminates human error
  • Density measured across entire load, not spot samples
  • Reliable volume data based on actual mass and density
  • API Approved Technology


  • Real time data availability
  • Direct data feeds into downstream inventory systems
  • Inventory management


  • Identify and address inventory loss
  • Rejection analysis report to support charge backs
  • Identify operators or leases that impact operational efficiency
  • Enhanced commercial analysis (e.g. supplier negotiation, cost analysis, lease performance degradation)


  • Auditable / SOX traceability
  • Data at every logistics step
  • Fraud detection
  • Shadow invoice creation
  • Account for all inventory adjustments
  • Enhanced data security

Improved Health & Safety

  • Eliminates need for driver to climb tanks and carry out manual gauging (avoiding noxious fumes)
  • Alarms and safety lights to warn driver
  • Provides a backup for fleet management devices (where present) for hours and distance accumulation by the drivers

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